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Social Media

  • Twitter integration and apps were king in 2009 and are here to stay. Either you integrate or you perish
  • Tumblr is successful and growing in the shadow of Twitter, when Twitter finally loses steam will Tumblr be the new darling?
  • Market consolidation in social media leaving only a few major players on the scene: Twitter, Facebook and who else?
  • Social news (Digg, Reddit) and bookmarking (Delicious) will become obsolete. Already the first wave of social media that is social news and bookmarking lose against Twitter.
  • Social browsing (StumbleUpon etc.) is already dead. There were more than a dozen of social browsing services in 2008. Most of them are dead or on hiatus already. More to follow.


  • We’ll witness a demise or hiatus of most startups without critical mass of users as the money runs out
  • We can expect a proliferation of premium and freemium business models as venture capital stays scarce
  • Companies and brands will have to develop a social media strategy in 2010 to stay afloat
  • With business accounts and data access selling like hotcakes and additional revenue sources Twitter will become profitable in 2010 already


  • We’ll see a smartphone systems death match as the market isn’t big enough for all the often incompatible systems we have right now.
  • Apple will be losing market share. The iPhone still looks like years ago. They don’t even have a netbook yet. They can’t rely on cult tactics forever.
  • Phones and calls for free thanks Google: Google prepares the real Google Phone combining Google Voice and Gizmo5 VoIP to offer free calls.


  • We’ll see less bullshit and more substance in the online marketing field. As the Web matures more and more people become too savvy to get fooled.
  • Advertising replaced on the Web by “ad content” that is non promotional content about the brand, company or products: Less banners more reports.


  • Real time search will go prime time for everyone, not just the search geeks and early adopters
  • Google and Bing will keep on copying each other in order to capitalize on the search advertising market
  • Advanced personalization will lead to your own personal search results for most people rendering ranking checks useless


  • SEO is becoming ubiquitous, everybody does it (BBC etc.) and in 2010 those who don’t will fail to compete
  • More SEO experts will return underground again inspite of ubiquitous SEO due to wide spread prejudice of the ignorant against the trade
  • Like it or not but we’ll see more jQuery pop ups due to their high conversion rate. Thanks to @rhyswynne for the suggestion

Web Design & Development

  • Mobile apps will continue to boom and optimized web pages for mobile use will become common place finally
  • HTML5 and CSS3 will allow web designers to offer extra features possible backed by graceful degradation in oder to support for older browsers
  • YouTube censorship spawns an open source and DIY video embedding counter movement. We already witness it but in 2010 you’ll look like a noob using YouTube on your site


  • Blogs get even more authoritative and accepted, becoming the “old media” of the Web
  • Quick and clean miniblogging (Tumblr, Posterous etc.) establish a lively sphere between Twitter-like microblogging and blogging. @richardbaxter of SEOGadget agrees about Posterous continuous growth
  • Video content finally gets the importance we expected for years now with growing band width etc.


  • There will be more cloud computing and web based software or rather webware around and people will use it more often
  • Most notably Google Docs will convince more users of the Microsoft Office desktop edition to switch
  • At the same time Google Chrome OS will be competing successfully with Windows at least on netbooks
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