SWOT Outsourcing Tester Non_outsourcing Tester
  1. It’s always a huge company who will outsource the test task, so you can get regular process and management of software development from the customer.

  1. You own the product yourself, and can make decision independent.
  2. You can deal with the product flexible.
  3. Have belongings.
  4. The user is your direct aim.
  5. It’s part of your contributions when the product gets a praise
  1. The core part of the product and technology won’t be known due to Commerce secret.
  2. Have no belongings cause you just work for your customer directly, rather than the actual user.
  3. Your salary won’t be added just for the product you just worked on get a wonderful result. It’s none of your business on your customers’ point of view.
  4. Need to wait for work, instead of do the work consciously.


  1.  Won’t get a regular system if you are working in a small company.
  1. Opportunities
  1. You can work with staffs from different countries; you can learn different cultures, values, etc. Maybe you will get chance to work in other countries for some time.
  1. Will be promoted easily after you do a perfect job.
  1. Threats
  1. The tester will depend on the customer too much, when the customer changes its idea or service provider, it will be a hard time to get beyond.
  1. It’s hard to ramp up yourself.
  2. There’s no new chance when you work a little long and have been familiar with the product.